Behind Pressed

Hi, my name is Melody. I started Pressed in 2018 shortly after marrying Steven. We have been friends since Middle School and started dating our Junior year of High School.

After our wedding, it felt impossible to throw away our flowers because they were one of my favorite details of that day. Jewelry seemed like a meaningful fit, and I set out to create something delicate and simple enough to fit into my daily life. Enter the first Pressed necklace.

Since that day, I've enjoyed giving new life to flowers that would have otherwise died or been thrown away, and turning into timeless pieces of jewelry.

Pressed has become more important than ever for Steven and I. What started as a creative outlet is now helping to fund our fertility treatments to grow our family. Unfortunately, we have been experiencing infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss and are facing more intense (and expensive) treatment options as we move forward.

When you make a Pressed purchase, 100% goes toward supporting our fertility journey. Whether you find a piece that you love, or just pass our website on to a friend, we are so thankful and appreciative of your support.

Common Questions

Why do you need to raise money?

Only 19 states have fertility insurance coverage laws and Kentucky, where I live, is not one of them. Unfortunately, this leaves us in a position where all of our treatment is paid out of pocket.

Click here to learn more about fertility insurance.

How will this money be used?

All the money raised with Pressed will go directly to our fertility treatments led by our team of specialists.

What does it mean to have infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss?

There is a wide range of experiences when it comes to infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss. About 1 in 8 couples in the US experience infertility and 1% of women will suffer from recurrent pregnancy loss.
For us this has looked like 2 years of infertility with 7 pregnancy losses.

If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to me directly.

How much are fertility treatments?

Because each case is so different and treatment plans change constantly, it is impossible put an exact number on it or what we have/will likely spend. We are currently saving for an IVF cycle that will cost around $20,000-25,000.

Can I just donate?

We would never ask for money without something in return, but if you would prefer to donate without buying a Pressed piece, you can use this listing or reach out to me directly. Thank you so much for your support, we are so appreciative.

Have more questions?

Whether you have questions about fertility treatments, our experience, or just want to know more about a Pressed product, feel free to reach out directly.

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